We are sorry to say that at the moment we only have the booking system in German language available.

Please find here some help for the German booking system.

Hotel package 

Single rooms = Einzelzimmer

Double room = Doppelzimmer

Twin room = Zweibettzimmer

There are 2 hotels to choose from: the 2* B&B Hotel and the 4* Dorint Hotel. 

Select your hotel and then select your singing voice. For a double or twin room you can select a second voice or an audience ticket.

Just tickets

This is straight forward. The German words are the same as the Englisch. Audience ticket is "Publikumskarte".

Tours = Begleitprogramm

These are:

  • "Along the joyful Saale", a Saale walking tour to the "Hostel of Romance", the wedding church of Handel's parents, the castle Giebichenstein and more.
  • A trip to J. S. Bach in Leipzig, incl. singing at the grave of Bach in the St Thomas Church, as well as a city tour in the footsteps of Bach, Wagner and Schumann.
  • Visit Naumburg Cathedral and Weißenfels Palace, Schütz's domain and where Handel's talent was discovered.

Ordering Process

Once you have selected an item click: “in den Warenkorb“. You are then given more options such as "Begleitprogramm”, where you can select the tours. Again, click “in den Warenkorb“. Then you click “Zum Warenkorb und bezahlen“. This takes you to the check out. Please enter your details, check the boxes and send off the order.

Automatic Translations 

You could also try to use automatic translations of webpages. This is offered by the internet browser Google Chrome.

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